german design award

February 2015

Lucetta magnetic bike lights has won the German Design Award 2015 Gold prize!

german design award

It is a very prestigious international award, an addition to the design prizes which Lucetta has already been awarded in its first year of life (PlusDesign 2014, Solutions 2014, Adi Design Index 2014).

We are very proud of this new success: the international jury of the German Design Award 2015 nominated only 20 Gold Prize winners among the 2.250 candidate items submitted from all over the world.
Lucetta won the Gold prize in the “Lyfestile” category, in which competition is particularly strong!

The interview was conducted with: Fabio Palchetti, CEO of Palomar.

Your product has received the GermanDesign Award in Gold. What makes this distinction so special?

We are very proud that Lucetta magnetic bikelights designed by Emanuele Pizzolorusso have received this important and prestigious design award, which acknowledges the formal and functional excellence of our product.

The jury was convinced; however, what kind of a consumer do you think would be equally impressed by it? Was there an ideal target audience for this design?

Nowadays a bicycle is much more than a means of transportation. It has become the expression of a lifestyle focused on the most refined features and details: “your bike tells us who you are”. Lucetta is aimed at this type of customer: exacting, refined, open to innovation and not interested in mass oriented products.

Did the design process itself already differ from others?

The designer of Lucetta is Emanuele Pizzolorusso, a very talented Italian designer with whom we are used to work together. The challenge we try to meet – and our best products are an example of it –is to find new and original solutions to ordinary every day needs. In this case the idea behind Lucetta comes from observation of the average cyclist, who is often troubled with bike light malfunctions and is worried about the light being stolen. Lucetta is the simple, brilliant and aesthetically refined answer this need. It may be applied and taken off in a moment, so you may carry it with you even if you park the bicycle for a short time.

What challenges did you have to overcome, which parameters influenced the design endeavour?

Our purpose was to create an object that was both very efficient and functional and also as small as possible, so it could be carried in a pocket. The fact that Lucetta lights up immediately is certainly a strong feature of the project which also makes it fun to use this little light.

Do you always have a certain approach when you are designing and, if so, could you please describe it in one sentence?

To pursue simplicity as a form of sophistication.

For other informations, don’t forget to check out Lucetta’s page on Palomar website.