November 2015

We are happy to present Lucina- Magnetic wearable light!

It’s a little wearable light that completes the magnetic family – together with Lucetta and Nello – Palomar conceived and produced. Designed by Pizzolorusso, Lucina is small and compact. It recalls a garment button with its simple rounded shape.
Just like all the other products in the collection, Lucina encourages the user to interact with the object and to invent new uses and original solutions.

Lucina, magnetic wearable light is very useful to be seen in the dark while walking, running, or doing exercise in town and out of town. It is perfect to light up everything you want: your dog, while you are walking it at night; the baby’s pushchair; your umbrella, in a rainy night in winter.

Consisting in two magnetic parts, one of which lights up, it is simple to use: the magnets fasten it securely to any garment or to a handbag or backpack. The special little cord that connects Lucina’s two parts adds a sophisticated touch.
The light turns on by pushing the button; the user can choose between two types of light: steady or flashing.