March 2016

Lucetta featured on the coolest and most prestigious bike issue: Velo 3rd Gear by Gestalten

Choosing to ride a particular bike conveys an attitude and a way of life.

Velo Gear by Gestalten illuminates and celebrates contemporary bicycle culture:
as more and more people see bicycles as the best way of getting around, bikes have evolved. Today, e-bikes power past urban traffic. All-wood bikes bomb slopes. Cargo bikes haul gear and goods. Handlebars sync with phones and GPS buzzes through grips, enabling no-look navigation. These bikes, their makers, and their riders are defining the pedal-fueled future.

Velo 3rd Gear is a showcase of today’s most covetable bicycles, the latest designs and technologies, and truly stylish bike-related clothing. It shares compelling perspectives, stories, and experiences from the growing community of cyclists worldwide and introduces a wide range of products and accessories to satisfy its diverse needs and discerning aesthetics.

Palomar is more than glad to having been chosen as contributor for this prestigious book with Lucetta – Magnetic bike lights designed by Pizzolorusso.