March 2017

The Monkey — is swinging from Palomar Headquarter to Milan Design Week!

Is it possible to create radically innovative objects without necessarily resorting to technological innovation?

Palomar is committed to answering this question in a social and cultural context increasingly dominated by the idea that innovation is either technological or it’s not innovation at all.

In reality there is a different and possibly deeper definition of innovation: the ability to invent and propose new meanings and give new significance to the objects that surround us. This ability has always been a prerogative of the design world, an ability certainly connected to but not dependent on technological innovation.

Palomar’s project for the 2017 Edition of the Fuori Salone is focused on proving what it means to pursue this type of Innovation that we call Design-driven through its last born — The Monkey radio speaker.

Come to visit Palomar space @ Via Ventura 12 — Milan

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10:00-20:00 Tuesday 4 April – Saturday 8 April
10:00-18:00 Sunday 9 April

Open Evening 
20:00-22:00 Wednesday 5 April

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