January 2018

Palomar presents at M&O its new collection: City Icons — Contemporary souvenir by Paolo Dell’Elce

«The glass globe containing snow, also called “snowball” in English, is the archetype of the souvenir, a synthesis of memories and images that can be traced back  to the nineteenth century. Its first certain appearance dates back to the Paris Universal Exposition of 1878. In this same city a hundred and forty years later, the Italian firm Palomar presents a collection that emanates from that tradition but thanks to Dell’Elce’s creative action becomes rich in interpretive dimensions, an object open to emotional completion by the purchaser.»  Marco Sammicheli, project curator

A collection of snow balls that celebrates the contemporary city. Each snow ball contains a symbolic element of the contemporary cityscape which intentionally avoids its certain identification, raising curiosity and a sense of mystery and suspension.

The elegance of the design transforms one of the most popular and classic souvenirs into a strikingly contemporary object while entirely preserving its emotional and seductive power. An incursion, and an ironic one at that, into a field where design doesn’t usually feel at home!