It’s time to tune in!

Directly from his home in Helsinky, The CityRadio designer – Pizzolorusso – tells us what he listens to in Rome, London, Tokyo and Havana! Let’s follow him on his tour and travel with him!

“Most of the time my CityRadio is paying in Rome or London. In Rome I listen to Radio 24, a just-talk station in my native language. In London I usually listen to NTS Radio. NTS is a crazy music project, it never compromises and the quality is the best possible. Whole worlds can be discovered there.

Sometimes I find myself playing around Cuba, for example Radio Progreso, listening to beautiful traditional Cuban music and cultural speeches that I only partially understand.

Also check out Banana FM in Tokyo – the music is fun, sometimes silly. I find the Japanese language so hypnotic and soothing.”