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A collection of snow balls that celebrates the contemporary city.

A collection of snow balls that celebrates the contemporary city.

Each snow ball contains a symbolic element of the contemporary cityscape which intentionally avoids its certain identification, raising curiosity and a sense of mystery and suspension.

The elegance of the design transforms one of the most popular and classic souvenirs into a strikingly contemporary object while entirely preserving its emotional and seductive power.

An incursion, and an ironic one at that, into a field where design doesn’t usually feel at home!

Product Specifications

8.7cm × 8.7cm × 8 cm

Available cities
Amsterdam / Athens / Barcelona / Berlin /
Chicago / Copenhagen / Frankfurt / Hong Kong /
Lisbon / London / Miami / Milan / New York / Paris
Rome / Sydney / Stockholm / Tokyo

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Paolo Dell’Elce

City icons is a collection of scale reproductions of some of the most important contemporary landmarks, where the subjects are reinterpreted and brought back to their essential form. The simplification process implemented attempts to achieve the purity of the original volume, probably conceived by the architect in the very early stage of design. The neutral material and the absence of color confer a further degree of abstraction and recall the outline of a building that stands out at night on the skyline.

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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm