Crumpled City | Design District

Crumpled map of urban design district


Crumpled City | Design District

Crumpled map of urban design district



The Design districts present in many world cities are urban areas that host  events  – often temporary ones – dedicated to design.

But they are much more than this.

These are areas that have discovered and increased their vocation for design in the course of time, often beginning with the presence of art galleries, of specialized shops, of skilled craftsmen, of creative people who live there, of interesting spaces.

They are urban realities that remain lively even after specific events and design weeks.

For this reason they are worth being portrayed in a map as special as the Crumpled City Map, celebrated by the Dezeen Book of Ideas as one of the 100 most revolutionary design inventions of recent years.

Physical maps reinvented in a contemporary way: an unconventional and high design orientation tool. An activator of memories to be owned and preserved.


Map size
58×67 cm

100% waterproof



Emanuele Pizzolorusso


The playful gesture – typical of the Crumpled City Maps – of crumpling the  map into a ball, could not help recalling the universe of childhood and games. These maps were designed for children, free to play with them and handle them as they please, but also use them to visit the city, learning where they are going and where they wish to go.

Graphic Design by

I love design.
I love it even more when it’s outside
On the streets, in the cafés, in other people’s places.
I go hunting for it and find it
Even when it’s hidden.
I have a nose for it
But the map helps me more!

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 4.0 x 4.0 x 11.5 cm
Design District

Brera Design District, prova