Crumpled City

Soft city maps for urban jungles



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Crumpled City

Soft city maps for urban jungles


Crumpled City Copenhagen

They are the lightest maps in the world: indestructible, soft and waterproof, they can be crumpled, squashed and crushed into a ball. What’s more, the more battered they are, the better they look.

A contemporary reinvention of the most basic travel tool:

  • they are easy to use, more fun and inspire more freedom than traditional maps;
  • they have a completely new look, from the street mappings to the colour scheme and include fresh and fun new city icons;
  • they provide details about a large part of the city, including streets, monuments, museums, art galleries and much more;
  • Soulsights are unique places specifically chosen to move, touch and inspire the modern traveller.
Crumpled City Facts

Palomar_CrumpledCity_Icon1 Crumple before use

Palomar_CrumpledCity_Icon2 Takes only 2 seconds to open
 and close

Palomar_CrumpledCity_Icon3 Includes all important info
 about the city as well as a list
 of unique “Soulsights”.

Palomar_CrumpledCity_Icon4 Weighing only 21 grams,
it is super resistant and 
100% waterproof

Crumpled City Facts


Amsterdam / Athens / Barcelona / Berlin / Bordeaux / Boston / Brussels / Cape Town  / Chicago / Cologne / Copenhagen / Dubai / Edinburgh / Florence / Frankfurt / Hamburg / Helsinki / Hong Kong / Istanbul / Las Vegas / Lisbon / London/ Los Angeles / Madrid / Mallorca / Melbourne / Miami / Milan / Munich / New York / New Zealand / Oslo / Paris / Porto / Reykjavik / Rome / Rotterdam / San Francisco / Seoul / Singapore / Stockholm / St.Petersburg / Sydney / Taipei / Tokyo / Toronto / Vancouver / Venice / Vienna / Warsaw / Washington / Zurich

Crumpled City Pacs


Map size
87×58 cm

100% waterproof




Palomar-CrumpledJunior_european consumer choice

Crumpled City Awards
Crumpled City Sketch



Incredibly light, soft, made for crumpling, super resistant, the Crumpled Maps have a playful side: the act of crumpling is ironic and liberating,  more so because you never throw them out and they can be re-used endlessly.

Crumpled City insp02
Crumpled City insp03
Crumpled City insp04
Crumpled City insp05

Crumpled City Insp

Not to find one’s way around a city does not mean much. But to lose one’s way in a city, as one loses one’s way in a forest, requires some schooling.

Walter Benjamin

A theatre of new gestures to discover. The living proof that space “counts”. To have fun and find yourself laughing under the rain with the map of the city above your head.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 4.0 x 4.0 x 11.5 cm

Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bordeaux, Boston, Brussels, Cape Town, Chicago, Cologne, Copenhagen, Dubai, Edinburgh, Florence, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Krakow, Las Vegas, Lisbon, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Mallorca, Melbourne, Miami, Milan, Moscow, Munich, New York, New Zealand, Oslo, Paris, Porto, Reykjavik, Rome, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Sydney, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Tricity, Vancouver, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw, Washington, Zurich