Crumpled City From The Air

Soft city maps for urban jungles

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To fly above the city but with firmly grounded feet. The crumply map turns the city solid and between the black and white, the red signal appears. Like a traffic light it invites to pause.


“From the air collection” is a new series of Crumpled City maps, a fresh addition to this extraordinary family of maps .

It is a new collection of city maps which applies an original graphic elaboration to satellite photography. The black & white aerial images are slightly tilted to achieve an almost 3D effect of the most significant buildings and palaces, and the effect enhanced by the typically crumpled and slightly uneven surface of the map.

The graphic addition of color highlights to the principal arteries and points of interest turns the map into a real visual guide of the city and an innovative orientation tool. The collection includes the most interesting cities on the globe.

Be free to Crumple it!

Product Specifications

Map size
110×87 cm

Available cities
Amsterdam / Barcelona / Berlin /
London / Milan / New York / Paris

100% waterproof


In order to use Crumpled From The Air as a wall map, it should be ironed at a low temperature.



An analogue map that displays the city as we are used to seeing it only on digital devices. The graphic elaboration of satellite photography is decisive: the three-dimensional visual effect interacts perfectly with the physical quality of the map.

Palomar presents Crumpled City from the Air 01

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 4.0 × 4.0 × 15.0 cm

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, New York, Paris