Crumpled Sky

Soft maps for the night sky dreamers


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Crumpled Sky

Soft maps for the night sky dreamers



The starry sky above our heads is an inexhaustible source of dreams.

“Crumpled Sky” is a small collection of contemporary maps dedicated to the starry sky that can be seen with the naked eye.

The starry sky looks different depending on where you are, and then it changes with each season. Therefore the collection comprises a series of maps that allow everyone everywhere to have the thrill of looking at the sky in any season. The maps are soft, very lightweight yet extremely resistant, perfectly waterproof and designed to be quickly put away in the bag without folding. They are perfect for carrying around and consulting on starry nights but also wonderful to be hung on the wall. No technical knowledge or instruments are required. Just your eyes and a beautiful starry night around you. You also have to be a dreamer!


Map size
90×90 cm

100% waterproof


In order to use Crumpled Sky as a wall map, it should be ironed at a low temperature.



Emanuele Pizzolorusso


This map of the sky is an offshoot of the Crumpled City project. Thanks to the graphic and formal development this map becomes an original project dedicated to rediscovering an age-old knowledge that still invites to meditation and awe.

Graphic Design by
Alessandro Maffioletti



The stars all around have paled, except Arcturus, which shines with a defiant air, a bit higher to the east.

Italo Calvino


Looking up at the blue at all that dizzying light. We need more eyes for all those stars. Nocturnal mariners and dreamers, put a map between your course and the sky!

The Sky Has Never Been So Close

Explore the starry sky with Galileo’s Telescope

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Weight0.045 kg
Dimensions4.0 x 4.0 x 11.5 cm

Autumn/Winter, Spring/Summer