Crumpled World

Innovative Wall Map

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The Crumpled World turns the world into contemporary wall art with brilliant and unconventional colors.

Seas are pink or very blue and continents are red o mustard color: geography lights up!

An incredibly light wall map – even lighter than a paper poster – but indestructible: the material is the same as the Crumpled City Maps, reimagined for a new and different use.

Don’t limit your imagination; enjoy this world!

Product Specifications
Map size
87×58 cm

Available versions
Crumpled World with City Names
Crumpled World with Country Names

superlight, very resistant, indestructible, washable

Included in each pack
removable marker




Light, durable, washable, I thought this material’s features made it suitable for a new type of wall map. Lighter than a poster, easy to take off and re- apply to a wall, durable over time and customizable. And what could be more appropriate than the representation of the world, in our times of nomadic subjectivity?

Graphic Design by Anna Colonnelli

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Größe 4.0 × 4.0 × 11.5 cm

With city names, With country names