The personal globe



The personal globe

from 25,- 


Here is a globe that lets you trace a personal travel experience and invites you to mark the places: “I was here”…

At first Here looks bi-dimensional, as an atlas; in just a few seconds it turns into a three-dimensional globe. The graphics enhance the paper’s preciousness, tactile quality and texture. Here stands up on its own, it is very light and can be placed anywhere, on a table or bookcase but also on the floor. Here is the world as it should be: as delicate as a poem, both simple and sophisticated, transparent to the point where we can always read our traces on it.


Here + 50 markers

Small Ø 23 cm
Medium Ø 30 cm
Large Ø 41 cm

Printed using non-toxic inks on Cordenons Wild paper with 35% of cotton



Francesco Toselli 

There have always been two distinct categories in the cartographic representation of the World: atlases and globes. The first don’t have a third dimension, the latter are more realistic portrayals of the planet. The analysis of the intersection between atlases and globes has generated a new project which is presented as a flat surface but turns into a three-dimensional and “pinnable” World.

Graphic Design by
Alvvino /
Anna Colonnelli



Paper is white. This statement may seem terribly obvious, yet paper’s whiteness is far from ordinary.

In fact, the invention of white paper can be seen as having cast a bright light over the course of human history.

Kenya Hara

Light, almost fragile, the world sheds its weight.

I tip-toe on it, respectfully and gratefully able to say that I was here.

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Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 32 x 32 x 1.5 cm

With city names, With country names


Small Grey, Small Black, Small Red, Small Yellow, Medium Grey, Medium Black, Medium Red, Medium Yellow, Large Grey, Large Black