Here by me

The Personal Globe


Here by me

The Personal Globe

from 25,- 


Signs and drawings. The colored tip of the pencil travels where you have been. Just you.

The world appears weightless, almost white, outlined only by the profile of the continents. Open and iconic.
The gesture of coloring is relaxing, contemplative, leaving your trace on the globe rekindles memories and the desire to go.
An active me mapping, more personal, more creative. The world map that holds your mark, your drawing.
Here by me.

Product Specifications

Here + 1 red soft core pencil, specific for textured paper

Small Ø 23 cm
Medium Ø 30 cm
Large Ø 41 cm

Printed using non-toxic inks on Cordenons Wild paper with 35% of cotton



Francesco Toselli 

There have always been two distinct categories in the cartographic representation of the World: atlases and globes. The first don’t have a third dimension, the latter are more realistic portrayals of the planet. The analysis of the intersection between atlases and globes has generated a new project which is presented as a flat surface but turns into a three-dimensional and “pinnable” World.

Graphic Design by
Cecilia Marzocchi

The atlas is the book, the place where all the signs of the Earth, the natural and the cultural ones, are conventionally represented: mountains, lakes, oceans, cities, villages, stars, islands

In this totality of words and descriptions, we can find the place where we live, or where we’d like to go, and the path to follow.

Luigi Ghirri

Light, almost fragile, the world sheds its weight.

I tip-toe on it, respectfully and gratefully able to say that I was here.

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