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Each globe tells a different story, a desire, a dream, an invitation to reflect on our precious common good…

World maps have always been objects of fascination.

They have always drawn inspiration from the creative and aesthetic interpretations of the space they intend to represent. Maps are the result of processes in which technical, geographical and mathematical aspects are intertwined with personal, aesthetic, political, emotional and religious motivations. They are complex devices, fascinating for their graphic or pictorial beauty and powerful tools for communicating ideas about the world.

This collection of illustrated globes comes from the invitation we sent to some excellent illustrators to propose their idea of ​​the world through their artistic and graphic style.

An invitation that has generated very different illustrated worlds.



Product Specifications

Here + 50 markers

Available Versions
Here is Beppe
Here is Guido
Here is Le Duo
Here is Martí

Available Sizes
Small Ø 23 cm
Medium Ø 30 cm

Printed using non-toxic inks on Cordenons Wild paper with 35% of cotton



Beppe Giacobbe

The world has no countries and the sea consists of many lines.
They are traces that connect.

Guido Scarabottolo

I thought of a world without borders, cheerful and naive, as I would like it to be.

Le Duo

Driven by their passion for travelling, the French illustration studio Le Duo present their tour of the world’s most iconic buildings. Incredible shapes, perfect geometry, striking colours and pop genre. Ranging from the statue of Easter Island to the Sagrada Familia, Christ the Redeemer to the Statue of Liberty, join them in an exploration of the most extraordinary architectural feats the world has ever seen.

Martí Guixé

When I traveled to Iceland I read about how in the middle ages criminals were punished by being forced to live in the center of the island away from civilization. Criminals would also escape there to avoid persecution. The living conditions are very hard, especially in the winter, and these “Útlagi” (outlaws) did not survive for many years. The center of Iceland is a natural wild space. A space for freedom, an uncivilized space that connects the good and the bad of the origin of humanity. The Exit World map shows areas to escape the world, without the use of Virtual reality, areas with barely any civilization such as deserts, jungles and spaces with fresh water from rivers, lakes and glaciers.

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