Multi-shape bike lock

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Lochness is the evolution of a “muscular” object into a cheerful, smart product without losing any security feature.


This “solid” lock can be easily molded into unusual shapes: bending the lock, wrapping it around your bike frame becomes a creative, unconventional and playful gesture. Thanks to its shapeshifting structure, you can secure your bike much more easily to bike racks and any other urban element. Not only a security tool but also an innovative way to give a personal touch to your bike. Twist it and go.

Product Specifications

825 mm length
Ø 20 mm outer silicone
Ø 16 mm inner metal tube

silicone cover +
soft plastic terminals +
inner metal core

Technical features
will not mark or scratch your bike frame

moldable to any shape adaptable to any part of your bike frame

Security rating
innovative theft-resistant inner core
special bellows protecting any leverage point

High protection level compared to other cable locks

Patent pending


Francesco Toselli

The idea behind Lochness comes from the observation of the cyclists’ habits, and in particular the frustrating way the locks are attached to the bike when not in use.
Usually the locks are inserted into the handlebars, secured under the saddle or fixed with additional supports.
I wanted to create a playful and durable bike lock that emphasized the interaction between the cyclist and the object. The technology transfer with the use of an unusual material allows you to freely change the lock shape by giving a bit of magic and simplicity to a very serious object.

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Additional information

Weight 0.850 kg
Dimensions 42 × 15 × 4 cm

Anthracite, Ivory