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Made up of two small magnetic lights, the Lucetta is the new, essential light for your bike.

Detach the lights
Attach to your bike
Choose flashing mode
Enjoy your ride



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Easy to attach to any bike, the two small lights – 1 red and 1 white – switch on with just a click and are guaranteed to stay securely in place even on the bumpiest street. You can select a steady beam, a slow or fast flashing light by simply clicking the light on the bike. When you reach your destination, remove the lights, join them together and slip them in your pocket ready for your next outing.

Adapters for non-ferrous bikes

Each package includes 2 adapters enabling everyone to use Lucetta – also bikes made of aluminum, or carbon fiber or other non-ferrous materials.

Product Specifications

Package includes:
white front light + red rear light +
2 adapters to enable the use of Lucetta on bikes of non-ferrous materials

Lighting modes:
steady light, slow flashing, fast flashing

White light intensity: 15000 mcd

Red light intensity: 4000 mcd

Slow flashing mode: 60 flashes/minute

Fast flashing mode: 240 flashes/minute

Super wide angle of visibility

Run-time: up to 40 hours

Power supply: 2 x CR2032 batteries
How to change batteries?




The idea behind Lucetta comes from the observation of the cyclist, who is often troubled with bike light malfunctions and is worried about the light being stolen. Lucetta is the simple, brilliant and aesthetically refined answer to this need. It can be attached and taken off in an instant. In addition it can be placed wherever you want on your bike, and of course it is super-fun to use.

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