Magic Maps

for Magic Walls


Magic Maps

for Magic Walls

from 32,- 


Simple and sophisticated

Palomar’s Magic Maps are world maps that can be attached to a wall magically, without anything to hold them. No glue, no nails, no supports or frames. They stay on the wall on their own thanks to its micro-suction tecnhology.

Simply beautiful and surprisingly stable.

With the same magic, the special dots that come with the map illustrate your personal experience and bring the map to life.

Product Specifications

Map + 88 red dots +
88 white dots


Map size
standard: 100×70 cm
large: 140×100 cm

Main features

  • Easy to stick on and to remove
  • Not using glue, so there is no sticky feeling and does not leave any glue on the surface due to the micro-suction structure

Printed using non-toxic inks

100% recyclable


We designed a map that is both an abstraction and an aesthetic appropriation of the world.


Palomar Lab

These maps have a strong innovative dimension for the new uses they suggest. They follow the usual sophisticated simplicity of Palomar projects, which is also reflected by the consistent graphics: the words in silver and a dotted background effect with a black gradient, to represent the ocean motion on the one hand and to ensure the right contrast that emphasizes the design of the continents on the other.

Graphics by Alvvino

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Additional information

Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 70 x 10 x 10 cm

Standard (70x100cm), Large (100x140cm)