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The bottle

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Phil the bottle is an urban bottle, designed for all of us who spend our days on the run. No more bottles, just Phil.

Phil the bottle multiplies: it’s one bottle but it can turn into two or three. 

Different sizes [small/regular/large] may be obtained by assembling the modules according to the change of individual needs

The modular structure also allows you to customize your drink: you can place pieces of fruit or whatever you like in it and it can always be washed perfectly clean. 

The cap is designed to be easily held and also to be hang on a bike, a handbag, or wherever needed. 


Variable sizes / capacities
Diameter: Ø 7.5 cm
Small 16 cm / 35 cl
Regular 23 cm / 60 cl
Large 30 cm / 85 cl

Food grade
Soft touch
Dishwasher safe

ABS plastic


Emanuele Pizzolorusso


Nowadays an increasing number of people bring along their own urban bottles to drink out of during the day. These bottles can be more or less good-looking, more or less expensive, but in my opinion they all have considerable limits. So I thought of designing an urban bottle more focused on its actual use. This inspired the modularity as key element of the project and the cap as an innovative functional solution. Three bottles in one, much easier to clean, customizable drink, easy to carry and less pollution. Goal! 

It’s one bottle and
it’s not.
I drink a little,
I drink a lot.
I drink this or
I drink that,
Then I hang it by
the cap.
Screw and unscrew,
it’s really new.
Thirst is a game
now, too.

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Black, Blu, Grey


60 cl, 85 cl