The CityRadio

Sound adventures around the world

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A magic box that connects you to the world’s LIVE city radio stations.

18 interchangeable keys with city names activate the radio stations of those cities in real time.

Available Cities
Athens / Barcelona / Beijing / Berlin / Buenos Aires / Cairo / Havana /  Istanbul / Jakarta / London / Moscow / Nairobi / New York / Paris /  Rome / Sao Paulo / Sydney / Tokyo

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The CityRadio is different from all existing radios because it offers a listening experience organized by city.

18 interchangeable keys with city names activate the radio stations of those cities in real time.

By acting directly on the keys of Nairobi or Paris or Rio you can immediately connect to the LIVE radio stations of those cities and select and store your favourite radio frequencies.

In order to use The CityRadio it is necessary to download the specifically developed App which allows you to connect the radio to the Internet and to configure and modify the selection of cities.

Click here to download the App for Android or Apple Devices.

The streaming flows of over 60,000 radios are ensured for quality and transmission speed by an exclusive agreement with one of the most accredited streaming flow providers in the world.

Product Specifications
21 cm x 7,5 cm x 3,7 cm

black – powder blue
red – sand

Technical Features

  • USB-C connector for charging
  • Live radio
  • Wireless 5W speaker
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 800 mAh
  • Version BT 4.2
  • 9+9 magnetic keys
  • Automatic BT connection to the dedicated app

Registered Community Design Nr. 007718143
Patent Pending

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In my childhood home there was an old portable radio, one of those appliances that had the names of several European cities on the tuning dials. A feature from the time when one could still listen to stations from foreign countries.

The list of those places, which to me as a child appeared so mysterious and exotic, stimulated my imagination and gave that ordinary forgotten object a deep sense of magic.

When recently I had in mind to design a radio I remembered that sensation and decided to create something that would allow you to travel with your imagination into a landscape of exotic sounds and languages. An object that –  in contemporary key – expresses the analog flavor of the old appliances.
Palomar loved the idea and together we developed The CityRadio.

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Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht 0.300 kg
Größe 17.5 × 24.0 × 4.5 cm

Black-Powder blue, Red-Sand