The Moon Globe. A Celebration.



The Moon Globe. A Celebration.

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«That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.»

Neil Armstrong, July 20th, 1969.

THERE, the Moon Globe, celebrates an extraordinary event in the history of mankind and the first place, outside Planet Earth, where man has ever set foot.

THERE also celebrates the Moon, the celestial object so closely connected to human existence and whose rhythms are still today so fundamental for our existence.

We could not do without the icon of the first man who walked on the lunar surface in 1969 and the indication of the sites of successive moon landings.

The THERE lunar globe is colored silver because Selene/Silver is its most ancient name, and it’s made in special textured paper to enhance the morphology of the Moon’s surface, covered by craters and seas.


There + Neil Armstrong Pin + 10 white flags

Available sizes
Small ø 23 cm Medium ø 30 cm

Printed using non-toxic inks on Cordenons Wild paper with 35% of cotton

Made in ltaly

« Here men from the Planet Earth first set foot upon the moon, July 1969, A.D. We came in peace for all mankind. »


Francesco Toselli 

The lunar globe There wants to celebrate the first moon landing, an extraordinary event in the history of humanity. After designing Here, the pinnable three-dimensional world, I thought that the same shape could also apply to the moon and There, the moon globe was born. We could not miss a small astronaut, which I designed as a pinnable icon of the MAN on the moon.
The Palomar personal globes collection now includes the Earth and the Moon, HERE and THERE!

Graphic Design by

The moon is the most changeable body in the visible universe, and the most regular in its complicated habits: it never fails to show up for an appointment, and you can always wait for it at the appointed spot…

…but if you leave it in one place, you always find it next in another, and if you recall its face turned in a certain way, you see it has already changed its pose, a little or a lot.

Italo Calvino, Mr. Palomar.

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