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Get the city closer


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It’s often the little things that spark great leaps of imagination.

The city is a firmament constellated with tiny surprises, faint comet-trails there for the discovering; hidden points of “light” that often escape the naked eye. Infinite bashful details capable of revealing the most authentic beauties of the city and its life are everywhere, along the streets and on the buildings, in the paintings and frescoes in the museums and art sites. This was our inspiration for ZoomArt, the first optical instrument designed to aid in observation of the hidden details of the world’s cities.

Made up of a series of interlocking cylinders, ZoomArt reproduces the form of the telescope, in homage to Galileo’s optical instruments. The fine-quality lense magnify any subject to 6 times its size; focusing is manual. Original and innovative, ZoomArt has all the qualities of authentic Italian design: clean, essential lines, a propensity for conversing with art. A beautiful object, at the service of beauty.

Product Specifications

Hi-quality optical lenses

Objective lens
Ø 18mm


Focus range
145 cm > infinite

Available colors
black / light Blue





Odo Fioravanti

Odo Fioravanti

There is more than one way to look at  beautiful cities. My way, when I conceived ZoomArt, is an active visual exploration through a careful and curious eye with a propensity to linger. A slow look at the World. By choice, it belongs to the analogue world, the domain of the subjective. The individual experience of viewing becomes richer, more complete, more authentic.

… if you look at it slightly enlarged, reveals within itself the roofs, the antennas, the skylights, the gardens, the pools, the streamers across the streets, the kiosks in the squares, the horse-racing track.

Italo Calvino

In Olinda, if you go out with a magnifying glass and hunt carefully, you may find somewhere a point no bigger than the head of a pin which, …

The tourist line was so long and the painting to admire so far away.

Outside the Museum, the entire city was claiming attention:

Don’t be unmindful on my streets it said.

Don’t run away, please stay, and LOOK!

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Dimensions 15.0 x 15.0 x 4.0 cm

black soft touch, light blue soft touch, orange soft touch, grey soft touch, grey and white, black and chrome, shiny white